• Fresh food
    The menu is inspired by fresh ingredients, and each sandwich is tastefully handcrafted upon order. Warming homemade soups and organic salads are also enjoyed in our clean and simple setting.
  • Fast service
    A harmonious team, every Grace Deli employee is committed to serving and sharing innovative offerings to our customers within the shortest time possible.
  • Original recipes
    We have a great variety of vegetarian choices like Garden Patch, Egg Salad, Mediterranean sandwiches or wrap. You can create your custom sandwich as well. Everyday we have one special sandwich and a wrap or salad. We also serve Beef Chili and two different soups daily.
Hot sales
  • Oriental Chicken Salad
    Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, fried wontons, carrots, toasted almonds with asian sesame dressing
  • California Chicken Wrap
    Chicken, romaine lettuce, bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado, tomato and ranch dressing
  • Breakfast Burrito
    All-natural scrambled eggs (or egg white), cheddar cheese melted, choice of meat or veggie on tortilla with choice of meat & veggie
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwitch
    Chicken, roasted red peppers, pesto mayo, bacon and jack cheese on focaccia bread
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  •   This Deli used to be owned by the nicest woman. It's since changed ownership and the new owner is not the friendliest.  He also messes up orders, forgets what you pay for and is just a little on the ruder side. The staff behind the counter are really great and friendly and always incredibly helpful.  However, when it's a busy day the owner stands at the counter watching his staff rather than helping them or taking orders.  I think it's safe to say that I will not be returning to this once loved lunch spot of mine.

    thumb Dawn E.

      The food is a B-.  If you try the food, you'll know why.  Excess amount of mushroom in the burrito and why does everyone default to whole milk in a coffee?  Maybe give skim a try for God's sake.

    thumb Aaron C.

      Nice little cafe around the corner from our new building.  They have friendly customer service and their efficient cashier/checkout area is amazing.  Unfortunately the sandwich fell short of greatness... I ordered the Avocado BLT and there was barely any avocado and the bacon was pretty close to the pre-cooked bacon they give out at McD's.  Based on their accessibility I will keep going and hope that my next sandwich is somewhat better.

    thumb Lina H.

      Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/o bacon is delicious, try non-sauced to get real feast. Great service; fast, friendly & clean!

    thumb Avni B.
  •   We were in San Jose for the weekend and wanted quick breakfast on the last day of our stay. We stayed across the street at the Hilton. This is a cute little cafe with a few seating inside. It was quiet and relaxing.

    I had a burrito breakfast bowl and my fiance had a breakfast burrito. I also ordered some fruit, hot ea, and he had coffee. The food was ok. It didn't wow me at all. The fruit was cutely cut and decorated in a transparent cup. You were given hot water in a cup and you had to choose which flavor tea bag.

    The person behind the counter was extremely friendly and helpful. The place had really good reviews. I wasn't expecting more. I was a tad bit disappointed the food we had was just ok.

    thumb Amie B.

      Fantastic!  Had a business meeting and arrived a half-hour early.  Just enough time to find a place for a quick bite.  The lobby security guard recommended this place.  We walked in and quickly ordered.  Service was fast and efficient.  They advertise that their food is fresh so I took a chance and tried a tuna sandwich.  OMG!  It was thick and it was tasty!  My friend loved his breakfast burrito as well.  I will return!

    thumb Mark A.

      I'm giving this a 1 because I can't give it a 0. This place has good reviews but they must all be fake because we ordered 3 different things to try and they all had a wierd after taste. And tasted bad and gave us a horrible stomach ache. It was expensive, not at all worth the money!

    thumb Sally N.

      I ordered a ham and spinach breakfast burrito and a medium coffee for $6. The burrito was scrambled egg, a slice of ham and some spinach. Nothing special, but it was good nonetheless. I felt it was a bit overpriced, but the service was good and the restaurant itself was very nice.

    thumb Julianna M.
  •   This is a great place for lunch and dinner. The food is cheap and very tasty. For 10 dollars You can get a good size sandwich and soup.  I got a Rueben and the chilli soup. It tasted great.

    thumb Giang L.

      My company just moved downtown last week and I know a place I will be back to try again!

    What I ate: I got the chicken club sandwich and the potato bisque soup. The bread was very delicious and soft and made the whole sandwich for me. The soup on the other hand didn't have much flavor to me and I wasn't a huge fan of the texture.

    Dislikes: The Potato Bisque soup was not something I would get again

    Tips: I just found out you can order ahead here! I definitely will be back to try out their breakfast, other sandwiches and coffee!

    thumb Clay C.

      I really like this deli. How did I not find it before today. Their breakfast burritos are perhaps the best in the downtown area, and they give you the choice of a variety of burritos for breakfast. I actually really like the vegetarian breakfast burrito with egg whites. This deli is fast and delicious and in a convenient location. I beg of you, try one of their Breakfast burritos!

    thumb Matt D.

      I love this place right across the convention center. With a really nice outdoor seating. Prices are quite reasonable I got a no-carb breakfast burrito bowl and a fruit cup for under 10 bucks.
    Service is always fast for breakfast.

    thumb Taufiq H.
  •   Grace Deli is awesome!

    The owners are very courteous, friendly and polite.

    The Asian chicken salad is very very good and I substitute the chicken with tuna as they are always happy to make the change.

    The catering for over 10ppl has been very well accepted in our building and I use them to host some of our smaller events.

    Keep up the good work!!

    thumb Phyllis M.

      I was staying in a hotel a few blocks away and found this on Yelp. The reviews were good so I took a chance. It was amazing!! I had the Super Burrito bowl and side of watermelon for under $10. The owner was very pleasant. I would definitely recommend this deli if you're in the area.

    thumb Kelly B.

      very nice place to have lunch, I have been going there for lunch for a long time and no change on taste or service so far, always nice and tasty. For a full meal, try the combos, the tomato and pepper soup is a little bit sweet, if you are not on to it, just ask one of the other 2 options.

    thumb Rodrigo I.

      As soon as my friends and I came into the building, we were greeted with smiles, the genuine kind. They were speedy and accurate, I'd recommend 10/10

    thumb Ryan G.
  •   Stopped by for breakfast while I was in town for a conference. This place was awesome! Bright, cheerful, and a huge selection of both vegetarian and meat options. Very friendly staff, and super quick service. Oh, and the best breakfast burrito I've had in a very long time. I'll be back tomorrow!

    thumb Diana M.

      Great little eatery near the convention center (close enough to walk). Even though they were slammed with the convention center lunch crowd, the fresh food arrived promptly. I enjoyed my salad, and my colleagues enjoyed their wraps and sandwiches. Their promptness was definitely impressive, considering the amount of people there. The food was great, and the service was great!

    thumb Jed J.

      Great deli located right across from the Hilton. Beats paying double or triple the price for breakfast or lunch inside of the hotel. The food was great and the cafe was very clean. I loved it!

    thumb Bridge G.

      Best sandwich around downtown. Absolutely love the food and nothing beats the awesome service here!!

    thumb Rahul S.
  •   For a quick and cheap breakfast or lunch eat, it's a definite yes. Nothing else close by in general or that has great choices, low prices and quick service. I'm a fan of the melts for lunch, breakfast burrito or bowl for breakfast and iced coffee anytime. Skip the soups. If you're geographically close by it's a good choice. If you have time for something sit down, skip it.

    thumb Kelly O.

      A decent little sandwich shop that serves paini/toasted sandwiches and some soups. Its not bad but not stellar either and will run you for about $9 for their meal deals.

    They have everything you need in a sandwich shop and also serve breakfast stuff like burritos/breakfast bowls. My friend said that they liked my sandwich better though.

    thumb Taylor Z.

      "I think I'm just gonna go downstairs for lunch."

    Since I work upstairs, the convenience factor is a plus, since the food does get prepped rather quickly. However...

    Come here if you want overpriced sandwiches at $6+ that look like something you could make in the kitchen if you had the cooking expertise of Wikipedia. Soups here have salt as the main ingredient. Their salads don't offend in any way.

    In a dystopian post-capitalism world, this would be the final beacon of American food.

    Until then, hard pass.

    Decent to Strong 2

    thumb Tony L.

      I love Grace! For such a small deli and the only one in my work building it's actually pretty good. Their latte is one of the best I have had. They use really high quality coffee and milk. I also like their sandwiches, soup, wraps, and salads are pretty good. My favorite sandwich is the toasted BLT; favorite soup is the chili and butter must squash; favorite wrap is the thai peanut wrap; and favorite salad is the southwestern salad. They also have great yogurt parfaits and fruit cups.

    One of the best things at Grace is the breakfast burritos. It's surprisingly delicious and the salsa is awesome! Very tasty.

    A downside of this place is that they don't open every day (closed on the weekends as well as night). So we often have to order in when we work weekends or late nights.

    thumb Tran N.
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